DI Made Easy

An expert, efficient and reliable product development and administration platform delivered by industry leaders.


Munich American Reassurance Company (“Munich Re”) and Disability Management Services, Inc. (“DMS”) have come together to create DI Made Easy (“DIME”), a turnkey platform for the design, pricing and administration of innovative disability products targeted to the middle income market. DIME capitalizes on compelling market opportunities characterized by an increasing need for income protection, an underpenetrated market, a favorable competitive environment, and prevailing industry profitability.

 Guiding Principles of DI Made Easy

guiding principles of DI made easy

 DI Made Easy Provides a Double Layer of Oversight and Protection


 DI Made Easy Reduces Risk for Insurers

  • Guaranteed Renewable pricing
    • Allows for premium adjustment
  • Aligns motivation to return-to-work with reasonable income replacement ratios
  • Occupational diversification
  • Outsourcing of administration for necessary experience, specialization, scale and technology
  • Reinsurance partner
    • Sharing of risk
    • Risk management expertise
    • Regular and timely evaluation of experience and profitability
    • Comprehensive underwriting manual

 Why Income Protection for the Middle Income Market?

  • Income is your customer’s #1 asset. Without income, all of the other assets (and dreams) are at risk
  • 100 million workers do not have private disability income insurance
  • Approximately 38 million families live paycheck to paycheck, including 25 million middle class families.
  • Uncertainty of future Social Security Disability Insurance benefits
  • Limited competition and ripe for innovation and streamlining

Steve Miller discusses the increasing need for income protection and the efficiency, convenience and safety of the DI Made Easy program.

Today, a Long-Term Disability can be Devastating to a Family’s Financial Security.

  • Uncertain future of SSDI
    • Backlog of SSDI claims
    • Projected shortfall in funding
  • Fewer employer paid disability plans
  • More individual responsibility for retirement funding
  • Longer life expectancy and working careers
  • Greater dependency on income

Shifting Risks We Need to Plan For

Mortality to Morbidity shift: An increasing number of people survive severe accidents & illnesses but live with disabilities as a result.

Illnesses that used to kill, now disable


Source: National Underwriter, May 2002 – data based from years 1980-2000

DI Made Easy is a Turnkey Program for the Design, Implementation and Administration of Customized Disability Income Insurance Products


 DI Made Easy